Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away

My husband Laurence was gifted a ‘previously owned’ ipod. We’ve had it for months but did not know how to add our own music to it. Besides, I really didn’t understand what the attraction was with having an ipod. I have to be in the right mood to listen to music. I like quiet time to be able to brainstorm ideas and work on my writing. So figuring out how to use it was not a priority.

I wanted to download a TV show Laurence had missed. After many attempts, I was able to download the TV show and some music. On Friday I tossed it in my purse thinking it was my palm pilot and left for some appointments. I ran some errands at the mall and sat down for a snack. I saw the ipod in my purse and thought what a perfect opportunity to try it out.

I put the headphones on and the noisy mall was transformed into my personal concert hall. I could see people moving their mouths but all I could hear was the beautiful music of Enya. I sat for the longest time not needing to read or write but to simply sit and enjoy this soothing music. I felt rested, peaceful and filled with joy.

Being a baby boomer I can be a little slow to catch on to things. But I found I am not alone. I was talking with a couple of members of my woman’s group last week and proudly announced that I have a new blog. One friend said, What is a blog anyway? and the other one said,
I would just like to figure out how to back up my computer.

So I am proud of my ability to access technology, as slow as it may be. Actually, I am now shopping for the best deal on an ipod nano. Laurence may ask for his ipod back any day now.

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