Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Recess from the Recession

Downward trend, negative growth, significant decline are all terms used to define a recession. In other words, we take a ‘recess’ from spending money all at the same time. Why? The best I can figure out, the economic forecasters study the numbers and report on economic trends. When numbers are on the decline they report that a recession is looming and all the rest of us clutch our wallets, cease extraneous activity and hide under the covers until the forecasters say it’s ok to come out.

I’m glad there are people that crunch numbers and look out for us.
What’s unfortunate is the way the subject of recession is continually hashed and re-hashed until the message of doom and gloom follows us wherever we go.

Fear is a powerful force. In the M. Night Shyamalan movie, The Village, the elders of the town used fear as a way to control everyone and keep them from asking questions or wandering out of the village. The elders’ plan brought them great pain as their own children became victims of the contrived fear.

We can turn fear into faith by making conscious choices. Instead of focusing on the fear, why not take some positive action like committing to a monthly savings plan, balancing the checkbook, keeping a gratitude journal. When we are proactive we avoid being reactive to events around us.

Let’s take a recess from the recession. If we all put attention on faith in each other and in the universe, we could impact our own personal experience. As Ernest Holmes states “And the Light shed by this faith will light the way for others.” Blessings for an abundant month.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Releasing Doubt

I was noticing when doubt shows up. It is most noticeable when I need approval and recognition. I can make a decision but then I look over my shoulder to see if anyone noticed or if they approve. When I don’t receive any input or feedback, then I start to doubt. A whole lot of conversation goes on in the brain when there is no outward feedback.

The remedy is similar as handling worry. There are three steps: The first is to STOP the imagination from running wild. It takes discipline to tell the brain to stop obsessing. The second is to put my attention on Spirit. I find using the Prayer of Protection or reciting affirmations helps me to stop obsessing and find calmness. Calmness creates clarity which enables me to take action which is the third step. When I take action I move from the victim mode to feeling empowered.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Gift of Listening

In our Speaking with Intention class, we discussed the power of fully listening to what another is saying.

Very often we think we are listening but the mind is wandering to other topics. This is very prevalent today as we engage in multi-tasking in a very unhealthy way. We may be on the phone with someone, but responding to emails, reading mail, driving the car or engaging in any number of other tasks. It is rare to have a one-to-one conversation any more! We lose sight of the divinity of the other person when we listen in this way.

Other times we think we are listening but we are so reactive to what the person is saying that we are busy formulating a reply and not really listening to what they are saying at all. We’re cheating the person speaking out of truly hearing what they have to say.

The true gift of listening is where we are fully present and receptive to what another person is saying. We may not fully agree with what they are saying, but we honor and listen to their story.

Words of wisdom from Fred Rogers, host of “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” :

“The greatest gift that you can give another person is to gracefully receive whatever it is that they want to give us.”

We are giving others the greatest possible gift by gracefully listening to them.