Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Catalyst for Change

I watched the special about Oprah’s Leadership Academy special last night. What an extraordinary demonstration! It was so moving to see the girls in Africa and what they had to go through to get to the Leadership Academy. I cried when I heard their stories and watched their courage and rejoiced for the opportunity that they now have.

But mostly I cried for Oprah. I cried tears of joy because of the experience she is connecting with. She shared her realization that every incident, every event and every experience she has lived has been for this moment in time. She was guided to be the powerful and successful woman that she is so that she can change the lives of others. I completely agree with her awareness that when you change a woman’s life, you change the life of her family and ultimately her community.

I share that vision and intention. I know that every woman has the ability to change the life of those around her. Every woman that can get past the fears that hold her hostage, release beliefs that no longer serve her and ask for what she truly wants, will eventually change the shape of the world around her.

I tell this to my clients over and over again. We are the leaders for our families. We are the pioneers to pave the way for other women, so we can show others how to get past limitation and achieve the dreams in their hearts. We are the vision holders. As women, we are the catalyst for change.

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Linda Cohen said...

Thank you for your wonderful insights into life. I also watched the Oprah show and was tremendously moved by what she has done. If each one of us sees that our greatness doesn't diminish someone elses perhaps we wouldn't compare or be jealous. Perhaps our vision can actually inspire others. Thank you for your inspiration.