Thursday, February 22, 2007

Getting past procrastination

Why do I find it easier to clean out the tray of the toaster oven than to do my daily spiritual practice? Why do I find cleaning out the closet more captivating than writing my daily three pages?

I think a big reason for procrastination is the focus on the task instead of the big picture. I recently found one of my journals from 10 years ago. Wow, has my life improved over the past 10 years!! All the issues I was stressing about have been resolved: debt has been paid off, have a terrific husband, a great house, doing what I love. At the time (according to my journal) I was lazy and ineffective at getting things done. Somehow I inched past the inertia and procrastination to move ahead on my spiritual journey.

I think that’s where we shortchange ourselves. We focus on the ‘to do’ list activity instead of the big picture down the road. If I can see the end result, I can take the small steps to get closer to the goal.

That’s what is great about living by intention. Intention is a daily declaration of acceptance. Example “I am gratefully living with energy and vitality.” “I am living a grace-filled life with my beloved husband.” Intention is about living in the now and not worrying about tomorrow.

Ok, gotta go. Time for my spiritual practice:)

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