Thursday, September 4, 2008

Releasing Doubt

I was noticing when doubt shows up. It is most noticeable when I need approval and recognition. I can make a decision but then I look over my shoulder to see if anyone noticed or if they approve. When I don’t receive any input or feedback, then I start to doubt. A whole lot of conversation goes on in the brain when there is no outward feedback.

The remedy is similar as handling worry. There are three steps: The first is to STOP the imagination from running wild. It takes discipline to tell the brain to stop obsessing. The second is to put my attention on Spirit. I find using the Prayer of Protection or reciting affirmations helps me to stop obsessing and find calmness. Calmness creates clarity which enables me to take action which is the third step. When I take action I move from the victim mode to feeling empowered.

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