Saturday, April 26, 2008

Piercing the Fog

Life can be so intense these days. We have instant news that is up close and personal, whether events happen in Iraq, Africa or West Virginia. Dealing with all of it can sometimes leave feeling like we are moving through a fog: a little unclear what step to take next and most uncertain about what is on the other side.

The fog clouds the mind and creates confusion, low energy, high anxiety and an inability to accomplish anything. The impulse is to shake off the fog as quickly as possible and get on with life. Don’t stop, don’t look back, move on ahead.

I recently found myself in such a frustrating state. I can’t afford to be in a fog when I need to be working on my goals, checking off my to-do list, leaping over tall buildings with a single bound and other such activities in my quest to serve the world.

I stopped where I was and took some time to meditate. By focusing on my breath instead of my thoughts, I felt more centered. With my mind at rest I felt more peace in my body. As I felt peace in my body, I was open to possibilities. I eventually got back to my list and my life.

Taking the time to meditate connects us with our divinity. We don’t have to do things alone, we can access the universal power that surrounds us and nurtures us. It is the power that pierces the fog and guides our journey with grace. Blessings for a clear and peaceful journey.

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