Monday, June 2, 2008

Love as Intention

What a powerful Speaking with Intentions class ! We spent a majority of time discussing emotions. Often times we speak ‘off the cuff’ and in response to something or someone that has stirred up our emotions. As we deepen in spiritual practices we become an observer to emotions. The emotions we feel can give us information about our beliefs based on our past experiences. By spending time in meditation and journaling we can identify the experiences that caused the beliefs and have a greater understanding of our feelings and compassion for ourselves.

We also talked about setting intentions for our speaking. So that we speak from a loving centered place and not one of reaction.

In the book, The Prospering Power of Love, Catherine Ponder states, “As you begin developing love from within outward, you are truly proving your method to be spiritual, scientific, and satisfying. You no longer feel at the mercy of people, situations, and conditions. You become master of your world and free from hurt, fear, disappointment and disillusionment.”

Love is truly a powerful intention to speak from.

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