Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Prayer for My Country

I invite you to join me and other New Thought Ministries around the country to join together in prayer every Sunday evening at 7 p.m. until the election. It doesn’t matter what time zone you are in. It only matters that you pray.

Below are two prayers to choose from. Use one or both or feel free to write your own. I invite you to take 5 – 10 minutes to contemplate the blessings of our country and of Freedom. There is amazing power in prayer and incredible power in group prayer. Thank you for joining me in this most important time and this most important practice.

Please feel free to forward this to your friends and family members.

My Prayer for My Country
by Ernest Holmes

Believing in the Divine destiny of the United States of America and in the preservation of liberty, security, and self-expression for all, I offer this, my prayer for my country:

I know that Divine Intelligence governs the destiny of the United States of America, directing the thought and the activity of all who guide its affairs.

I know that success, prosperity, and happiness are the gifts of freedom, the Divine heritage and is now operating in the affairs of every individual in this country.

I know that Divine guidance enlightens the collective mind of the people of this country, causing it to know that economic security may come to all without the loss of either personal freedom or individual self-expression.

I know that no one can believe or be led to believe that freedom must be surrendered in order to insure economic security for all.The All-Knowing Mind contains the answer to every problem which confronts this country.

I know that every leader in this country is now directed by this All-Knowing Mind and has the knowledge of a complete solution to every problem. Each is compelled to act upon this knowledge to the end that abundance, security, and peace shall come to all.

And I know that this spiritual democracy shall endure, guaranteeing to everyone in this country personal liberty, happiness, and self-expression. Amen.

My Prayer for Peace
by Rev Christine Green

I recognize at the center of all life is a Power for Good that is God. I know that God is revealed as Peace, Harmony and Wholeness. I know this Presence is individualized through me in every cell and fiber of my being. I know that each day I am guided and directed with what is mine to do. I surrender any idea of confusion, worry or concern that I might face and release it into the Divine Peace of God. I rest in calm trust and rely on the Law of Spirit to bring good into my experience of Life. I release any uncertainty about my future as well as any fear as a result of my past. I live in this very moment which is filled with good alone. I know this not only for myself but I know this Truth for my family, my community and my nation. I give thanks for the opportunity to live in Freedom and in Grace. I know that as this election draws near, God’s blessing is upon every individual in our country. I am truly grateful for the blessings of God this day. Amen.

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