Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wheels of Life

I noticed a few weeks ago that one of the tires on our car looked a little flat. I stopped at the gas station to put air into it. The tire was not inflating no matter how much air was flowing into it. After a visit to the tire store, it turned out to be a bad valve on the tire.

The car manual states that inflating car tires with the correct amount of air is essential for maximizing gas mileage and ensuring even tire wear. So the same goes for maintaining the balance of spirit, mind and body. If we sustain a constant relationship with our spiritual practice (meditation, journaling, prayer, classes, etc) we are able to retain a presence of a peaceful mind and ease in our daily activities. When we are out of spiritual balance, the peaceful experience leaks out and the body feels deflated and lacks energy and we have difficulty getting tasks accomplished. Stress builds in the body because we are operating with less energy.
I realized that doubt is like a bad valve in our thinking. No matter how many positive affirmations, prayers or good thoughts we have in the moment, doubt is a slow leak that can leave us drained, diminished and discouraged.

Tire pressure is measured in PSI, or pounds per square inch. Spiritual balance can be measured in DDP or daily dedicated practice. As we maintain our practice we leave little room for doubt or uncertainty to take hold.

It is so important during the rough, bumpy road that we seem to be traveling lately to take the time to maintain our spiritual balance. It can boost our faith and keep the wheels of life moving with ease and grace.


Lynn said...

I love this new helpful reminder~ DDP~ for keeping on track. What a wonderful way to help us prioritize. Instead of putting spiritual practice on the back burner, because other things seem more pressing, it is nice to remember that Daily Dedicated Practice makes sure that we will be able to keep on rolling!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Keeping the "pressure" in check is surely the key!

Jenn Johansson said...

Great comparison, thanks for sharing your story! :)