Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm a Tree Hugger

I admit it. I'm a tree hugger. I love to see big beautiful bountiful trees that serve as homes for neighborhood squirrels and birds, provide shade for humans and energy and oxygen for all life. I am very sad when I see those majestic towers cut down to make room for more houses, more parking, more industry. I know it's progress. I know it's change. It still makes me sad.

I saw changes in our neighborhood this week that made me very sad. I promise that if I ever have to have a tree cut down on our property, I will replace it with another. I would like to see an ordinance passed that for every tree a homeowner cuts down, they have to replace it with another or donate to Friends of Trees so they can plant another.

I can't help it. I'm a tree hugger.

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Lynn said...

Count me in~ I'm a tree hugger, too! I have always loved trees, and I really believe that they have a divine place in our world.
Our green angels~ thanks for honoring them so beautifully.